Homeowners Insurance in Savannah


Abercorn Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency that provides insurance for home, auto, and other vehicles. We have many top insurance companies that we will shop for you to help protect your home, investments, and your belongings. We only offer top-rated home policies from reputable insurance agencies with a proven history of taking care of homeowners during difficult times. Call us today to schedule a consultation and see how you can save with us.

Reliable Home Insurance Companies

These agencies are well-established and have a strong financial backing.

  • American Strategic Insurance (Progressive Home)
  • Universal Property & Casualty
  • United Property & Casualty
  • And Others

Insurance Company Information

American Strategic Insurance (ASI)

ASI was founded in 1997 and initially offered home insurance in Florida. By 2017, they expanded to cover homes in 40 states across America. ASI has become one of the 15 largest residential property insurance companies in the U.S.

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company (UPCIC)

UPCIC is a subsidiary of Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc. They provide coverage to over 750,000 homeowners in 15 states. The Red Elephant on their logo represents wisdom and remembering to serve their customers.

United Property & Casualty Insurance (UPC)

Founded in 1999, UPC is currently licensed to provide residential property insurance in 18 states across the U.S. They are the 38th fastest growing company in the world according to Fortune magazine.