Should My Child Purchase Their Own Auto Insurance Policy?

If you have a teenager that drives, you'll want to ensure that they are covered on the road. At Abercorn Insurance Agency, we want to make sure your children stay safe while protecting their future — that’s why we offer special insurance policies for young drivers. Learn more about the benefits of getting your children their own car insurance plan.


Just For Young Drivers

There are plenty of special car insurance policies that are made with teenagers, and even young adults, in mind. They are designed specifically for young drivers, are often more affordable than plans for adult drivers, and come with a range of benefits that can help keep your child safe on the road.


Accident Protection

If you have a teen driver in your household, you’re probably already aware of the dangers that come with driving. But did you know that teens are more likely to get into accidents than adults? It’s important to have the right auto insurance policy in place to protect your child in case of an accident, whether your teen is at fault or not.


Easy Payment Plans

One of the great things about getting your teen their own auto insurance policy is that you can choose a payment plan that works best for your family. Many insurers offer monthly payments, so you can spread the cost out over time. This can be a great way to help your child pay for their auto insurance without putting a strain on your budget.


Teach Valuable Lessons

For some, it’s important to teach their children a lesson in responsibility and have them chip in or pay for all of their car insurance in exchange for having a car or driving privileges in general. Another lesson to be taught is that having car insurance is important — even if you are paying for all of it, you’re teaching your children how to be safe, responsible drivers for life.

In the end, getting your child their own insurance policy is very beneficial. It helps protect your child, save money, and teach them lessons in responsibility and safety. Our auto insurance policies will help you rest easy knowing that your teenager is covered when they drive. Help sign your teen up for their own car insurance from Abercorn Insurance Agency in Savannah — get a free quote today!